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It is important to secure firearms, parts and ammo:

Always be prepared; the evil and undesirable will continue unseen...

Everyone must recognize that unstoppable measures are in the future


 No gun laws will stop evil doers from conducting their crimes 


 Only the good citizens will be affected by firearm restrictions 


 Why can't the majority of Americans acknowledge that fact? 


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Media, celebrities, and now an incredible number of younger citizens -

this is the unimaginable yet real outcome of what I referred to in 2016:

"Everyone must realize that unstoppable measures are in the future..."

Always more misdirected anti-gun sentiment and frenzied social media;

accumulated public outcry resulting from tragic events involving firearms

You or I or any good person - cannot guarantee stopping all evil or evil doers.

No additional restrictions or legislation could protect everyone every second.


Colorado - important news



Boulder City Council document - Special Meeting Agenda


Vermont?! No one would have imagined Vermont having firearm restrictions!


> No purchase within Vermont (or online/out-of-state) of rifle mags over 10 rounds, pistol mags over 15 rounds.

Retailers allowed to sell magazine inventory until October 1st. Individuals allowed to keep mags they own.

> Background checks will be required for nearly all private gun transactions, beginning with governor's signature.

Vermont gun sellers and gun buyers will need to visit a FFL dealer who is willing to conduct background check

and facilitate transfer for a reasonable fee. Immediate family members are exempt from background checks.

> People younger than 21 not allowed to purchase firearms unless hunter safety course completed.

Firearm sellers are expected to uphold law or face $1,000 fine and up to 1 year in prison.

Law enforcement officers, members of military and veterans exempt from age restriction.

> People at "extreme risk" of suicide or violence required to relenquish firearms up to six months.

> Bump stocks must be surrendered by October 1; no grandfather allowance on bump stocks.

> September 1: expansion of police officer's power to remove firearms from scene of domestic assault arrest.



All AR-15 pattern rifles ~ $600 to $1000 have basically been bought up

nationwide due to recent news & heightened attention on these rifles.



AR-15 rifles from $1,000 to $1,400 have been selling out nationwide,

including 5.56s and .308s $1,400+. Emergency and spare parts plus

vital lower parts kits for AR15s and AR10s have been going fast !


Complete AR15 rifles, stripped lower receivers and complete uppers

are in stock - at my everyday low prices - no overpricing or gouging!

Get these now while you can so you don't have to worry next week!

- Link: AR15 rifles and complete uppers -



Always the lowest, reasonable pricing for a genuine brick & mortar storefront

Providing ETHICAL, HONEST, NO BULLSHIT recommendations and advice

on proven products I use and rely on, not just "another item to sell or markup"

I seek to find the best deals on quality proven firearms and products,

and will offer the lowest prices possible, rewarding repeat customers


Call or visit somewhere else if you:

Are prone to counter or argue every fact (not opinion) on gun/product

that you yourself have asked me what my observations or findings were -

Would ask 20 questions on insignificant details or frivolous issues

about what some internet gun blogger wrote on a particular gun/product -

Repetitively question what store price would be on every variation

of firearm then voice comparisons to online price houses in the CONUS -

Ask any of the above (and infinitely more) specifically on firearms,

then reveal you have no prerequisites done yet for Hawaii requirements,

and proceed to criticize/complain/compare procedures locally & elsewhere


Handgun purchases require 'notarized training certificate' and a two week waiting period.

Rifles and shotguns require a longgun permit. No one wants to deal with these procedures

but they are required and must be done along with filling out Federal fm 4473 upon pickup.

For rifles/shotguns: It takes two weeks to get a longgun permit and then it's good for a year.

- Firearm registration procedures with HPD -

I do not offer 'military or law enforcement discounts' because everyday prices are low enough.

I don't have items marked up high then offer a discount to give an impression of lower prices.

Repeat customers receive further discounts. Active NRA/LIFE instructors receive discounts.

That is how I believe it should be, and those who understand the concept will agree.

Factors considered on prioritizing: Demographics and local practicality


Priorities of shop inventory:

AR15 rifles, lowers, parts to build/repair ARs, Glock handguns, spare parts,

9mm - 5.56mm - 22lr ammunition, mags, few other popular calibers & mags,

few Surefire lights, reputable quality designed folding or fixed blade knives

Much of the decision is sensible; what will most people not only need now,

but also consider what will be sought after and be readily saleable/tradable!

- Firearms & Equipment Recommendations -


Not a priority for shop inventory:

.308 or larger calibers & firearms chambered for them, majority of revolvers,

most bolt/lever actions unless in .22lr, firearms circulating less than 10 years,

reloading items, binoculars, rangfinders, lasers, excess inventory of holsters.


*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

The final symbol of freedom in America is the right to own firearms.

I sell products ethically. I don't merchandise unnecessary items or steer customers wrong

by sales pitching firearms and related accessories the way most shops do nationwide.

Firearms are serious. For defense, hunting, even shooting as a hobby: when you've had

enough of the BS in the firearm industry, you'll get honest answers and experience here.

- Why I have a different approach to firearms and equipment sales -

POSTED:   Fair Warning

Sorry, no service given to anyone who:


- Argues/whines about firearms permit requirements (there's no instant fix

for improving HI laws so don't try to teach me about how it is better in

 other states) - You think I like the restrictions we have here in Hawaii?

No dealer can complete firearm transfers unless person clears requirements!

If we aren't involved with the good fight and political effort, we cannot complain.


- Proclaims that I don't seem to appreciate military service personel

because further discounts aren't offered on prices already as low

as possible yet somehow keep doors open as a gunshop in Hawaii.


- Insinuates they know more about firearms, training or tactics more than

   others who haven't (as far as they think) served in a LE or MIL capacity.

(and often end up revealing they recognize only one side of numerous tactical situations)


- Projects an attitude of deserved entitlement because they are better than others -

or worse, brags about how much better they are since they conceal carry in other states.

If one is so superior, be humble and find out what it takes to bring others up to speed.


Amazing isn't it? There are those who go around presenting the above headaches

and I will not tolerate it - neither should the next good citizen in Hawaii or elsewhere


No extra charge (Visa,MC) for in-store standard credit card purchases

Credit card company Reward / Gift cards will have a 2% surcharge.

Retail shops lose insane amounts in card processing fees...!


* Exceptions will be on the obviously low, special cash sale priced items *



Policy: No refunds on any firearms once serial numbers are issued to purchaser.

Arrangements can be made to sell firearm(s) without consigment fees for refunds

only upon medical waiver denial in permit process, options only in extreme cases.


March 14, 2018

these and some more: firearms still not picked up

from Friends of NRA Dinner event Nov 12 2017

These have been stored and safeguarded here since November 2017.


As of March 14, 2018:   $40 shop storage fee to pick them up.



Storage fees: $1/day per handgun or lower, $2/day per rifle or shotgun


As of April 14 2018  [ FIVE months after the Nov 12 2017 event ]


As of April 14 2018: handguns or lowers: $70 and accruing $1/day

As of April 14 2018:  rifles or shotguns:  $100 and accruing $2/day


As of May 14 2018  [ SIX months after the Nov 12 2017 event ]


As of May 14 2018: handguns or lowers: $100 and accruing $1/day

As of May 14 2018:   rifles or shotguns:   $160 and accruing $2/day



Signs and signs - at gunshops in the Continental US

[ stark reminder that products and services aren't free ]

[ and yes, my pricing is good and fair for a small gunshop ]

My FFL usage fee is 8% of dealer cost,

minimum of $15 and maximum of $150.

[Storage fees added on guns left > 90 days]

HI state : $42 firearms procedure fee.

My shop has no additional NICS fees.

[ 2016 "Rapback" $42 is a one time fee]


Specializing in defensive firearms and training, Kaneohe Gun Shop is your source for products that are proven and hold true to the adage

“you get what you pay for”.  Quality only needs to be bought once, and the knowledge one acquires through the sale is perhaps the most valuable of all. Firearms for hunting and target shooting are likewise offered based on personal experience and reputable gun manufacturers' history or track record. Selling bargain guns or accessories just to make another markup in the store is not in my interest. Helping people arrive at higher ability in firearm and fighting skills in rapid time frames is my goal and that path does not allow wasted time/money with unnecessary/ inferior products or tedious learning processes.

Kaneohe Gun Shop is located at 45-1117 Kamehameha Hwy

Link: map, landmarks, building pic.

This is why I talk up training beyond the typical gun range and why I pursue aggresive physical training 4 to 5 nights a week. - Combatives -

It is also why I recommend knife, empty hand

and 'improvised tools' reality training even more than live fire practice at a peaceful firing range. Progressive annual training is also my personal requirement, and that takes a budgeting of time and money that does not need to be spent on the next miracle gadget or promised wonder gun. Rehearsals and drills should be recurrent and frequent, not excessive range visits to send rounds often wastefully downrange. It does not need to take years for responsible gun owners to cultivate mindset and formidable ability to thwart malice and evil that may present itself to loved ones and innocent around us. -Force on Force-


If you are concerned about personal protection, safeguarding your family and being prepared, why would you take ANY advice from

those who do not continuously train and progress in that manner?


Jump to common references on this site:


Firearm Registration Procedures with HPD

Handgun Courses for Hawaii Requirements

Firearm Testing and Protective Gun Finishes

Musings & Observations: Facts to Consider

LIFE / Hawaii Rifle Association Fun Shoot

TSA Regulations for Firearms, Ammo, etc

Koko Head Shooting Complex Information


SSF 2018 is next month: Father's Day weekend

June 16-17 at Koko Head Shooting Complex

Hawaii Rifle Association presents the annual Shooting Sports Fair June 16 and 17.

A great time for many individuals and families to attend and enjoy many firearms.

Archery and airsoft venues will also be available to enjoy in addition to firearms.

Thank you to all the volunteers who presented this annual event!


Hunting & Fishing Weekend 2017 was held September 16-17 at KHSC

Held every fall, the Hawaii Hunter Education Program and Hawaii Food Bank presents a two-day

event to celebrate National Hunting & Fishing Day. Canned food and cash donations are accepted

for activity coupons to participate in archery, centerfire and .22 cal rifles/handguns, muzzleloaders,

airguns, fishing simulator, classic cowboy action firearms and shotgun trap shooting. Thanks to all

volunteers and attendees who supported the event and helped Hawaii Food Bank feed the hungry!













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