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Koko Head rifle range was temporarily closed Dec 7 2013 - Jan 24 2014

see News page for information and status update


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For those who haven't been brought up to speed on why various calibers are in short supply:

Link:  investigation-dhs-massive-ammo-procurement

Link:  house-votes-to-curb-dhs-stockpiles-of-ammo

First priority is to set aside ammo for customers currently purchasing guns.

(that ammo is offered to those customers at normal prices without gouging)

Any extra ammo that might be available is then sold at normal prices and is gone quick.

How many remember - it's been only one year since frantic buying and gouging

in the wake of a school shooting December 2012. Don't be caught unprepared!

Get firearms, accessories & ammo NOW before another bad tragedy happens!

Another alarming bit of news:

Link: epa-Dec-2013-closure-of-lead-smelting-plant

more links to unbelievable procurements by agencies

TSA-ammo-requests -watch the last video depicting a home invasion



03/18/14: with Ukraine's international situation and unavailability of ammo for unforseen

time, 7.62x39 and firearms chambered in that caliber will not be good for primary choices

- same thoughts for 5.45x39 and any dependency on 'bargain' imported Russian loadings


The final symbol of freedom in America is the right to own firearms.

I sell products ethically. I don't merchandise unnecessary items or steer customers wrong

by sales pitching firearms and related accessories the way most shops do nationwide.

Firearms are serious. For defense, hunting, even shooting as a hobby: when you've had

enough of the BS in the firearm industry, you'll get honest answers and experience here.

- Why I have a different approach to firearms and equipment sales -

Apparently, anyone can be an instant expert once they read all about guns online...

There also seems to be expert ability by those that have 'shot and carried guns all their life'

and apparently they know way more than a firearms dealer that has been around 25 years.

There are also those who seem to know everything about firearm and knife selection than

someone immersed in training and teaching gun / blade fighting techniques every week.

There's more than enough misdirected complaints that Hawaii firearm dealers have to hear about

how upsetting it is to go through firearm ownership requirements - if you won't help to change it,

don't whine about it. With the second term re-election of Obama and Biden, firearm ownership

has been increasingly threatened.  Consider what everyone nationwide may soon have to face.

Those who have owned firearms steadily for at least 20 years can testify to how different it was.

Those who get mad about what is written here are the very ones who may need to think it over.

What good are all the guns you can get if national registration and confiscation may be next?

Handgun purchases require 'notarized training certificate' and a two week waiting period.

Rifles and shotguns require a longgun permit. No one wants to deal with these procedures

but they are required and must be done along with filling out Federal fm 4473 upon pickup.

For rifles/shotguns: It takes two weeks to get a longgun permit and then it's good for a year.

- Firearm registration procedures with HPD -

I do not offer 'military or law enforcement discounts' because everyday prices are low enough.

I don't have items marked up high then offer a discount to give an impression of lower prices.

Repeat customers receive further discounts. Active NRA/LIFE instructors receive discounts.

That is how I believe it should be, and those who understand the concept will agree.

No extra charge (V,D,M) for physical in-store credit card purchases

No BS or unethical salespitching on unnecessary guns or gadgets

Always consistent with the best prices, ethics, and service with the sale


The fundamental belief of all firearms sales at Kaneohe Gun Shop is to be purpose-driven and practical. Collectible military firearms are also among the firearms of interest. Many accessories and supplemental items are stocked, yet what really matters and therefore is promoted most, should be the right equipment for the hobby,

tool for the job, or mindset for the mission.

At Kaneohe Gun Shop, we can assist you in selection of the most appropriate merchandise

for your needs, experience or level of firearms proficiency. Additionally, thorough introductory courses are offered in firearm familiarization and usage as well as the required handgun course for handgun purchases in the state of Hawaii.

Owner Daniel has been in the firearms industry for 27 years and a professional firearms instructor for 20.

Recommended firearms, knives and gear are chosen

for their track record, reliability and performance.

The majority of product lines promoted are based on real world usage and experience, not just what is the newest item introduced to the market, written up in some gun publication, or spoken highly of online.

The majority of firearms sought after and purchased

in the United States are considered to be tools for

self defense or personal protection. All too often, how one goes about finalizing their selection ranges from

an absolutely blind purchase (merely based on the persuasive words from a salesperson) to an overly researched decision (such as reading the multitude of

one-sided, inexperienced gun forum opinions online).

How will you arrive at your decisions? Items that I recommend and why often differ from other stores nationwide or internet forums yet it will make sense.

Kaneohe Gun Shop is located at 45-1117 Kamehameha Hwy

Link: map, landmarks, building pic.

Don't procrastinate - get your mags now

Specializing in defensive handguns, shotguns, rifles and training, and firearms for hunting and target shooting, Kaneohe Gun Shop is your source for products that are proven and hold true to the adage “you get what you pay for”.   Quality only needs to be bought once, and the knowledge one aquires through the sale is perhaps the most valuable of all.

The majority of guns in stock are NEW firearms, and only a few used or consigned firearms.

FFL services for sending/receiving are offered. Very reasonable with sending/receiving rates discounted for multiple firearms per shipment.

Priority of daily operation is bringing people up

to speed in firearms, defensive equipment and tactics - not convincing people to buy the next snazzy accessory or another 'superior' new gun.


Get firearms, accessories & ammo NOW before another bad tragedy happens!

Complacency and presumption 'all is quiet on gun issues' will bite us hard when it's too late.


Jump to common references on this site:


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TSA Regulations for Firearms, Ammo, etc

Handgun Courses for Hawaii Requirements

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Firearms & Equipment Recommendations

Sig 556R, Daniel Defense M4, Gun Finishes

LIFE / Hawaii Rifle Association Fun Shoot


2013 Shooting Sports Fair June 15 & 16 Koko Head Shooting Complex

Every summer, the Hawaii Rifle Association Shooting Sports Fair draws large crowds and invites

the public to try numerous firearms with the assistance of volunteer instructors, clubs and gunshops.

Thank you to all who donate their time, ammunition and firearms for shooting to inform and educate.






























Some of the Saturday staff at Shooting Sports Fair 2013...

- more pictures from last year's Shooting Sports Fair below -

2012 Shooting Sports Fair June 16 & 17 Koko Head Shooting Complex
















Thank you to all who helped make SSF 2012 a success!

Event report : findings from the intensive two-day event with guns, equipment and ammunition


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2012 Hunting & Fishing Weekend September 22 & 23 at Koko Head

Held every fall, the Hawaii Hunter Education Program and Hawaii Food Bank presents a two-day

event to celebrate National Hunting & Fishing Day. Canned food and cash donations are accepted

for activity coupons to participate in archery, centerfire and .22 cal rifles/handguns, muzzleloaders,

airguns, fishing simulator, classic cowboy action firearms and shotgun trap shooting. Thanks to all

volunteers and attendees who supported the event and helped Hawaii Food Bank feed the hungry!














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AK test / abuse from a Fun Shoot (more under News>Tests)

Also: "Disassembly tips for an AK - gas tube and lower handguard"

More pictures from a HRA/LIFE Fun Shoot




Refinished Mossberg in GunKote pink being put through a firing test.

Examples of firearm finishes here.

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Beretta 92 GSD with Surefire Tac Light


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