Koko Head Shooting Complex still closed, so what?



and then when it reopens, you'll be ready to enjoy!



Link: KokoHead berm renovation

" anticipated to reopen April 2023 "



Our nation and the world is swept up in the newest spin

of events - because of most unexpected issue of virus.


And now, the sensible reminder locally and nationwide:


No need to go to questionable areas in concerning times.

Avoid instigators and troublemakers.


More than ever, those armed in the USA must be smart:

THINK FIRST.  GUNS LAST.  Don't be rash or act hastily!


Understand that you are responsible for your own actions!


All purchases and verbal discussions at Kaneohe Gun Shop

imply personal responsibility of the customer.




***  Store Schedule may vary this week  ***

check below for this week's schedule updates to be posted

[ check here for shop schedule, not Google! you also can call shop for updates ]

[ usually, the shop schedule is M-F 12-5pm, Sat 11am-4pm ]



March 26 Sun   Closed

March 27 Prince Kuhio Day Mon  12-5pm

Tue, Wed  12-5:30pm

Thu, Fri  12-5pm

April 1 Saturday  11am-4pm

April 2 Sunday  12-4pm


March-April 2023

Go thru longgun and handgun procedures required to get guns you wanted NOW!

Word is there will be horrible changes & additions in permit-to-acquire requirements

expected June or July - procrastinating consumers will be SOOL if it starts in May!!




Upcoming Concealed Carry Classes

Attendee must be known to me as a customer [gun owner] who has acquired firearm(s) thru me in the past,
[ which means they are in good legal standing and have already gone through proper background check(s) ]
and bring a copy of HPD handgun registration for the handgun they will utilize for this concealed carry class.
Attendee provides copy of attendance in any recognized firearms training school or NRA Law Enforcement
or NRA Defensive Pistol Course curriculum that involves holster usage AND brings a copy of HPD handgun
registration for the handgun they will utilize for this concealed carry class.

Classroom lecture must be done thoroughly and properly. It is concerning how word has gotten around
on others' classroom content that has been sped through and apparently lacking in quality instruction.
HPD Chapter 15 Rules of the Chief of Police outlines that in the minimum 4 hour lecture, extremely
important subjects to be covered include FIrearm Use in Low Light Situations, Firearm Retention, and
Risks of Carrying FIrearms in Public. Rightfully, these are very serious subjects. In addition to discussing
chapters 134 and 703 of Hawaii Revised Statutes and more specific topics on use of Firearms, it truly
would be requiring the classroom segment to span over 4 hours. Furthermore, do other instructor’s 
long-running background, experience levels, and certifications truly qualify them to teach such content?
My decades of experience in civilian, military/law enforcement instruction in addition to attendance and 
qualifications in an extensive amount of firearms courses combine to present class attendees with solid,
thorough, quality instruction in an unforgiving and potentially life-altering decision on Concealed Carry.



Classroom portion allotment 5 hours  -  separate day: gunshop

 5 openings available Apr 9 Sunday 12-5pm [Payment required to reserve spot]

 4 openings available Apr 30 Sunday 12-5pm [Payment required to reserve spot]

Conducted indoors. Bring your Government issued photo ID, notebook and pen

Required equipment: your concealed carry handgun, two magazines, IWB holster, mag pouch(es)

(Revolver users: bring at least two speedloaders)

Wear proper belt that accomodates the holster and mag pouch(es).
Shirt / jacket that comfortably covers your defensive tools and equipment on your waistline.
No ankle holsters or small-of-back holsters. No shoulder rigs or purses/bags as carry devices.
Holster and equipment usage refinement, preparation and review.


Live Fire portion allotment 2 hours  -  separate day: private range

 5 openings available Apr 15 Saturday 8-10am  [Payment required to reserve spot]

 4 openings available May 6 Saturday 8-10am  [Payment required to reserve spot]

Conducted outdoors. Bring your Government issued photo ID, notebook and pen
Eye and ear protection, sunscreen, hat. Long pants and shoes required; no shorts or slippers.

Required equipment: your concealed carry handgun, FOUR magazines, IWB holster, mag pouch(es)

(Revolver users: bring four to six speedloaders)

Wear proper belt that accomodates the holster and mag pouch(es). 
[FOUR magazines loaded appropriately allows the live-fire qualification course of fire to flow smoothly;
minimum of just one spare mag can be positioned on qualifier’s beltline for each qualifying distance]
Shirt / jacket that comfortably covers your defensive tools and equipment on your waistline.
No ankle holsters or small-of-back holsters. No shoulder rigs or purses/bags as carry devices.
Dry fire prep and review, sensible warm up and smoothness of presentation prior to qualification.
Minimum 50 rounds ammunition.


Both Live-Fire Qualification and Classroom Lecture portions are mandatory to meet HPD requirements.

          Class cost for Apr 9 classroom & Apr 15 range is $225 cash

          Class cost for Apr 30 classroom & May 6 range is $225 cash



                    Take advantage of a full training day Saturday April 15

                    Those who take Concealed Carry class Apr 9 & Apr 15 can

                    Add on Mission Bravo Transition Course for just $150

                                             Limited slots available for this promotion!


Contact by phone  808 247 3036  Mon-Fri  12-5pm 

or send email to:





-Firearms Training-

Training is the Priority



Guns purchased / unclaimed / not arranged for shipment to FFLs in other states after

60 days will be subject to sale or disposition. These guns are subject to storage fees.

Handguns $1/day, Longguns $2/day. Storage fees will apply to any claim for firearms.

Firearms left over 60 days are forfeit, will be sold, and cannot be claimed by anyone.


Serious issue that has been increasing over the past 6 years:

There have been some individuals (most were in the military)

claim chargeback disputes on card transactions months after

they had guns sent over or shipped out, then left the islands -

and in each incident (averaging $50 ~ $100) it already is taken

out of my business account. How can gunshops prevent such

malicious acts? This has happened on non-gun items as well!

And this is in the sanctity in the world of firearms?

What kind of a gun owner disputes a gunshop's operational

costs when charges provided a service on their gun(s)?





FFL transfer fees and shipping costs: CASH

Any merchandise purchases under $20: CASH








Otherwise, there'll be no support on-island for your gun interests!



No refunds on any firearms once serial numbers are issued to purchaser.


As of June 1 2021:

Firearms not picked up within 1 month: storage fees apply after 30 days

Handguns $1/day         Longguns $2/day

Unless arrangements have already been made,

firearms on hold over 2 months [many on hold 3 months or more!!]

will not continue to be secured and stored here rent-free.

They will be put up for sale and transferred immediately.

Continuous warnings and reminders have been posted here

with signage in store and verbally stated since October 2020


National Shooting Sports Foundation estimated 20 million guns sold in 2020.

8 million were first-time buyers. Spokesperson stated "if 8.4 million gun

buyers all bought only one box of 50 rounds, that equals 420 million rounds.


Strong recommendation for many years before 2020 coronavirus:

Maintain a minimum of 6 mags & 1,000 rds per semiauto firearm


 Secure ammunition and set aside spare parts. Don't want to be

affected by ammo shortage again - you know it's gonna happen



Want to protect yourself, family and loved ones?

Interested in shooting sports or collecting firearms;

preserving and building up on valuable investments

that you, friends or family already own? Get active

in firearms, prioritize and secure guns & parts now

before divisive politics and social media influence

more of the United States which will drive anti-gun

sentiment into votes;  irreversible restrictive laws.

Learn facts, start permit process and get moving!


-Firearms Training-

Training is the Priority


Specializing in defensive firearms and training, Kaneohe Gun Shop is your source for products that are proven and hold true to the adage

“you get what you pay for”.  Quality only needs to be bought once, and the knowledge one acquires through the sale is perhaps the most valuable of all. Firearms for hunting and target shooting are likewise offered based on personal experience and reputable gun manufacturers' history or track record. Selling bargain guns or accessories just to make another markup in the store is not in my interest. Helping people arrive at higher ability in firearm and fighting skills in rapid time frames is my goal and that path does not allow wasted time/money with unnecessary/ inferior products or tedious learning processes.

Kaneohe Gun Shop is located at 45-1117 Kamehameha Hwy

Link: pictures of building on Kam Hwy

This is why I talk up training beyond the typical gun range and why I pursue aggresive physical training 4 to 5 nights a week.  - Kickboxing -   

It is also why I recommend knife, empty hand

and 'improvised tools' reality training even more than live fire practice at a peaceful firing range. Progressive annual training is also my personal requirement, and that takes a budgeting of time and money that does not need to be spent on the next miracle gadget or promised wonder gun. Rehearsals and drills should be recurrent and frequent, not excessive range visits often sending rounds wastefully downrange. It does not need to take years for responsible gun owners to cultivate mindset and formidable ability to thwart malice and evil that may present itself to loved ones and innocent around us. -Force on Force-


If you are concerned about personal protection, safeguarding your family and being prepared, why would you take ANY advice from

those who do not continuously train and progress in that manner?


What Really Matters in the times we live in

Firearms & Equipment Recommendations




Update from:   Todd Yukutake
Director, Hawaii Firearms Coalition

HB984/SB1230 - CCW, Permit to Acquire, Prohibited Persons

These bills will have a severe impact on many aspects of firearms ownership.  HB984 was copied into the previously slightly milder SB1230, so they are almost the same now.  This bill will likely pass and become law this summer with a tentative start date of July 1st.  Besides the sensitive places CCW ban statewide, this bill will:

1.  Everyone will need to retake their firearms safety training to acquire a handgun.  Hunters ed would no longer apply to handgun permits.  The training class expires after four years, instructors need to be approved by PD to give the class, and there is additional content required in the course.  The good news is other instructor certifications like USCCA might be accepted.
2.  Long gun permit to acquire training now requires training, either a firearms safety course, hunters ed, military training, etc.  The training is valid for four years.
3.  There may be a time period when people will be unable to purchase a handgun, starting on the expected July 1st implementation date.  Policies, procedures, forms, instructor approvals may not be ready in time.  For example, Honolulu PD's Rule 57 CCW changes took 3-4 months to go through the public review process.  Other counties didn't go through the same process, but they 
4.  Recent fIrearms safety/CCW class & training may be invalid after July 1st.  Pending applications might not be approved.  Even if instructors added in the required extra content into their class now, instructors would not be approved by PD's under the new law and PD's have some discretion to add extra training requirements.
5.  Permit to acquire may take longer than the current 14 days.  This bill extends the approval period from 20 days to 40 days.  Police will need to gather references and conduct interviews.  They will intrude into your life and go through your entire mental health history.  They must judge an application through subjective standards based on "essential character and temperament" instead of the current black and white criminal convictions.  If you're references say you get enraged or do reckless things, your permit could be denied.
6  Many of these requirements affect CCW applications too. One of the bright sides is a 4 year statewide CCW license change.  
7. Newly prohibited persons - Person's with a harassment, reckless endangering, or ANY gun crime convictions will be prohibited from touching firearms.  They will need to transfer their firearms to other persons, sell them, or turn them into the police.  The good news is that non-felony convictions will not apply to firearms prohibitions anymore except for Federal prohibitions.

There will no doubt be legal action against this new law.  However legal action can take years to settle and we have to live with these infringements in the meantime.  There is a good chance the US Supreme Court will take up the New York lawsuit next year which should clear up many of these restrictions fairly quickly.  However other restrictions will have to go through the entire legal process and take years to settle.  Some others will stay in place.

I'm trying to get the implementation date pushed back a few months so that there will be no interruption of permits and licenses. If you plan on buying a gun, do it now.  If you took a CCW course or testing recently, apply for your license quickly as I'm not sure if pending applications under the current law will be honored after July 1st.


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Jump to common references on this site:


Handgun Courses for Hawaii Requirements

Firearm Testing and Protective Gun Finishes

Musings & Observations: Facts to Consider

LIFE / Hawaii Rifle Association Fun Shoot

TSA Regulations for Firearms, Ammo, etc

Koko Head Shooting Complex Information

It is important to secure firearms, parts and ammo:

Always be prepared; the evil and undesirable will continue unseen...


Everyone must recognize unstoppable measures are in the future


 No gun laws will stop evil doers from conducting their crimes 


 Only the good citizens will be affected by firearm restrictions 


 Why can't the majority of Americans acknowledge that fact? 


Remember what I posted way back in 2016 at beginning of Trump's term:

Everyone must recognize unstoppable measures are in the future


Media, celebrities, and now an incredible number of younger citizens -

this is the unimaginable yet real outcome of what I referred to in 2016:

"Everyone must realize that unstoppable measures are in the future..."

Always more misdirected anti-gun sentiment and frenzied social media;

accumulated public outcry resulting from tragic events involving firearms

You or I or any good person - cannot guarantee stopping all evil or evil doers.

No additional restrictions or legislation could protect everyone every second.


Always the lowest, reasonable pricing for a genuine brick & mortar storefront

Providing ETHICAL, HONEST, NO BULLSHIT recommendations and advice

on proven products I use and rely on, not just "another item to sell or markup"

I seek to find the best deals on quality proven firearms and products,

and will offer the lowest prices possible, rewarding repeat customers


Handgun purchases require 'notarized training certificate' and a two week waiting period.

Rifles and shotguns require a longgun permit. No one wants to deal with these procedures

but they are required and must be done along with filling out Federal fm 4473 upon pickup.

For rifles/shotguns: It takes two weeks to get a longgun permit and then it's good for a year.

- Firearm registration procedures with HPD -

I do not offer 'military or law enforcement discounts' because everyday prices are low enough.

I don't have items marked up high then offer a discount to give an impression of lower prices.

Repeat customers receive further discounts. Active NRA/LIFE instructors receive discounts.

That is how I believe it should be, and those who understand the concept will agree.

Factors considered on prioritizing: Demographics and local practicality


Priorities of shop inventory:

AR15 rifles, lowers, parts to build/repair ARs, Glock handguns, spare parts,

9mm - 5.56mm - 22lr ammunition, mags, few other popular calibers & mags,

few Surefire lights, reputable quality designed folding or fixed blade knives

Much of the decision is sensible; what will most people not only need now,

but also consider what will be sought after and be readily saleable/tradable!

- Firearms & Equipment Recommendations -


Not a priority for shop inventory:

.308 or larger calibers & firearms chambered for them, majority of revolvers,

most bolt/lever actions unless in .22lr, firearms circulating less than 10 years,

reloading items, binoculars, rangfinders, lasers, excess inventory of holsters.


*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

The final symbol of freedom in America is the right to own firearms.

I sell products ethically. I don't merchandise unnecessary items or steer customers wrong 

by sales pitching firearms and related accessories the way most shops do nationwide.

Firearms are serious. For defense, hunting, even shooting as a hobby: when you've had

enough of the BS in the firearm industry, you'll get honest answers and experience here.

- Why I have a different approach to firearms and equipment sales -


SSF 2019 was held July 20 & 21 at Koko Head Shooting Complex

Just a sampling of many pistol configurations at HRA Shooting Sports Fair 2019


Just some of the semiauto rifles that were at Hawaii Rifle Association's SSF 2019


Hawaii Rifle Association presents the annual Shooting Sports Fair.

Many firearms along with archery and airsoft venues were enjoyed by the public

including numerous youth and multitudes of interested first-time SSF attendees! 


























Thank you to all the volunteers who participated in this annual event!



Hunting & Fishing 2018: Sunday Sept 16 at Koko Head Shooting Complex

Held every fall, the Hawaii Hunter Education Program and Hawaii Food Bank presents an annual

event to celebrate National Hunting & Fishing Day. Canned food and cash donations are accepted

for activity coupons to enjoy firinng various centerfire and .22 cal rifles/handguns, cowboy action

firearms and shotgun trap shooting. This year H&F was Sunday only at KokoHead. Thanks to all

volunteers and attendees who support the annual event helping Hawaii Food Bank feed the hungry!

{ Benefit for Hawaii Food Bank; participation was thru canned goods and $$ donations }










Kaneohe Gun Shop
45-1117 Kamehameha Hwy. 
Kaneohe, HI 96744 
Ph: 808.247.3036


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