HPD Firearms Registration: 801 South Beretania in downtown Honolulu.

Metered street parking is available on the left side of Beretania after 8:30 am.

 Metered underground garage parking limited stalls, enter behind HPD building.

First-time applicants: photo will be taken, FBI fingerprinting is required, also $43.25 Rapback Fee

This is a one time fee:  Exact change in Cash $43.25  OR  Debit Card/Credit Card $44.55




VICTORY AND GOOD NEWS as of Sep 30th 2021:

Immense gratitude to incredible work efforts by HiFiCo and

key individuals; Hawaii's in-person registration requirement

in HRS 134-3 has been found unconstitutional in Federal

District Court. The win in the lawsuit Yukutake vs Conners removes requirement to bring firearms to HPD for inspection.



02/24/17:  Permit procedures (turning in all required paperwork) for firearms is now to be done

in a newly opened section across the Records and Firearms Unit. It may get new signage but

at the moment  "Specialized Services Division" is above the entrance of new location; if facing

main entrance/metal detector, newly opened section would be to your left, registration on right.

No firearms are allowed in the new section for paperwork processing.



^ Looking to the left of HPD main entrance: location for inital paperwork requirements when acquiring

firearms locally. (HPD's main entrance is the roped area.) Inside of inital paperwork processing area. ^



     ^ Right of HPD main entrance: double doors directly ahead is entrance to Records and Firearms Unit.         Inside registration where unloaded firearms are presented w/ photo ID & specific permits to acquire. ^

RapBack program has been instituted in the State of Hawaii, any firearm registration

procedure will require additional forms to be completed and mandatory fee of $43.25

$43.25 fee and additional forms required to complete at HPD for the Rap Back program:

This is a one time fee:  Exact change in Cash $43.25  OR  Debit Card/Credit Card $44.55

Non-Criminal Justice Applicant's Privacy Rights

FBI Privacy Statement

Notification of Title 28 Code of Federal Regulations 16.34

State and National Criminal History Record Check consent

What prevents one from owning and registering firearms?

Any current restraining orders, crimes of violence or domestic violence convictions

Any felony convictions or outstanding warrants

Any usage of Medical Marijuana

Minimum requirements for firearm ownership

All applicants and registrants must be US citizens and 21 years of age

If born abroad, proof of citizenship (US passport or naturalization papers) is required

If bringing firearms with you from another state: simply go to HPD with valid photo ID and register guns.

Bring unloaded guns in hard/soft cases, ammo and magazines not needed, show guns clear at window.

Local purchases / Acquisition of firearms in Hawaii

Handgun purchases require 'notarized training certificate' and a two week waiting period.

Rifles and shotguns require a longgun permit. No one wants to deal with these procedures

but they are required and must be done along with filling out Federal fm 4473 upon pickup.

For rifles/shotguns: It takes two weeks to get a longgun permit and then it's good for a year.

Permits to aquire procedures

Handgun or Rifle/Shotgun permit or registration requires FBI fingerprinting, $43.25 fee

This is a one time fee:  Exact change in Cash $43.25  OR  Debit Card/Credit Card $44.55

Handgun: Notarized certificate from course requirement, receipt-details of handgun(s), valid pic ID,

fingerprinting, photograph, fill out forms. Return to HPD firearms unit after two weeks; pick up the ‘handgun

permit to aquire’, have dealer/seller sign permit, bring handgun(s) back to firearms unit and have handgun(s)

verified and registration forms completed. Active military personel are able to have a certificate of training

typed by commanding officer and notarized, based on a particular format. Otherwise: handgun course info

Rifle and Shotgun: Fill out general forms, two week waiting period, then return to HPD firearms unit;

pick up ‘rifle and shotgun permit to aquire’ which is valid for one year. When purchasing rifles and shotguns,

dealer/seller confirms purchaser's 'rifle and shotgun permit to aquire', then purchaser brings those long gun(s)

 and valid picture ID back to firearms unit to have long gun(s) verified and registration forms completed.

handgun safety class / training certificates from other states' programs should be verified with HPD

certification / credentials of various types from other states' agencies should be verified with HPD

Before asking local shops if particular documents are ok - check with HPD - they make the determination.

sample certificate for military personel in lieu of handgun safety course cert -

- the following is information that has been often misunderstood - know the facts! -

 Commercial airline travel requirements when transporting firearms

Transportation Security Administration website information: permitted-prohibited-items


Hard sided cases as above must have lockable ends - running a padlock thru the holes would be required.

TSA's requirement: case edges cannot be capable of being pulled open where contents could be removed.


Hard cases with locking latches are a good solution to avoid having to buy separate padlocks.

The extra measure of running cable locks thru firearms that are stored in locked cases is optional.

Ammunition (generally 11 pounds maximum weight) must be in original boxes such as shown above.

Handgun cases put inside of suitcases requires the outer suitcase to be hard-sided (not canvas, etc).

Supplemental TSA information on hard sided cases for firearms: flying with firearms


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