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- Firearms and Equipment Recommendations -


***  Store Schedule  ***

This week:  11am-5pm Monday-Thursday -Friday

Friday April 28 tentative store hours 3pm-5pm

11am-3pm Saturday

Closed Sundays and Holidays


It is important to secure firearms, parts and ammo:

Always be prepared; the evil and undesirable will continue unseen...

Everyone must recognize that unstoppable measures are in the future


Everyday low prices consistently week after week, month after month

on proven products I utilize and rely on, not just "another item to sell"

As a sole proprietorship, you can rely upon my ethical sales and no-BS

approach to product recommendations. I seek to find the best deals on

quality proven products and I'll always offer the lowest prices possible.


Firearms inventory is prioritized by track record and calibers that make sense,
not products that divert people from the path they need to take in the first place.

Being able to help others gain confidence with guns is more important than ever.

Introduce simple, common guns first - making it easier to build up others' abilities.

Please read and understand:







Handgun purchases require 'notarized training certificate' and a two week waiting period.

Rifles and shotguns require a longgun permit. No one wants to deal with these procedures

but they are required and must be done along with filling out Federal fm 4473 upon pickup.

For rifles/shotguns: It takes two weeks to get a longgun permit and then it's good for a year.


Everyone should have ammo in reserve

Rifle mags and ammo: vital liquid assets


"Your gun is useless without ammunition!"

Get ammo when available. Don't wait until something happens...!

Ammunition has proven to be the most important commodity.

Plan and act now. Don't ever be caught up in another frantic

rush and overpay for guns, ammunition, mags, spare parts!

Without ammunition, the firearm is useless.

Without spare parts, a broken gun is useless.


Jump to key references in this website:

Firearm Registration Procedures

What Really Matters in the times we live in

Firearms & Equipment Recommendations

Musings & Observations: Facts to Consider

Firearm Testing and Protective Gun Finishes

Building Up AR-15s: Pricing and Examples


*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

There will be more problems in society. There will be more anti-gun proposals.

There will be passage of more restrictive, illogical firearm laws that any thinking

person would agree does nothing to protect the law-abiding in any way at all.

In the end, it is up to you to protect yourself, your family and other Americans.

911 will not do it.  Being in denial won't help.  Believing lies will not help either. 

When the next big shooting atrocity happens in the nation and lawmakers with

personal bodyguards and near-immune status dictate the newest restriction on

your right to defend yourself, demand will outrun supply and prices will rise again.

Anyone wanting to be better prepared should have begun or already be completed

to solidifying their procurement of defensive firearms and necessary equipment.

Defensive fighting, disarm/counter drills, emergency rehearsals and procedures

should be prioritized few hours weekly instead of claiming "there's no spare time".

Without firearms, you'd better be capable of violent, decisive action.

With firearms, you still need to be capable of violent, decisive action.

Otherwise, we become another statistic.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

The final symbol of freedom in America is the right to own firearms.

People are becoming aware of the importance of firearms. What makes sense to buy

are proven and common items that also have attainable prices & value for everyone.

Items in this category will also be simple and conveniently fit many families' budgets.

Obtain longgun permits. Stock up on mags and ammo when you can; don't put it off.

Complete requirements for handgun certification. Get defined, aggresive training.

- Link: Practical thinking and practical firearms to procure -

EVERYONE's priorities should be: strengthen NRA and your state's local NRA

organizations, get practical firearms that make sense and can be easily taught

to family and friends. That is what matters and makes a difference for America.

Firearms Inventory, main listing

(qty) in purple: arriving in a week   (qty) in light green: in stock now   (qty) in black: sold in last 24hrs

Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns pictured on their pages are for reference and may not be in stock.

in inventory list below:  - link to report -  click for a featured shooting and usage test report

also in sections below:  - pictures -  click for link for inventory sample pictures per category

** pictures on linked pages are for reference only; current inventory and pricing may vary **


AR-15s: - pictures -

Aero stripped lower (0) -build ARs!-

Spikes stripped lower Punisher (3)

Spikes strpd lwr Punisher col fill (2)

Spikes strpd lower Calico Jack (2)

Spikes strpd lwr Cal Jack color fill (2)

Spikes stripped lower Spider (0)

Spikes stripped lwr Spider color fill (0)

Spikes stripped lwr Spartan (3)

Spikes strpd lwr Honey Badger (3)

Spikes stripped lower Crusader (2)

Spikes stripped lwr P.H.U Joker (3)

Stag Arms 2nd Amendment lower (2)

Springfield Armory-Saint-16"rifle (1)

Delton Sport 556 16" basic (1) $575

Delton Echo 308 16" basic (1) $875


Rimfire rifles:

S&W M&P15-22 black (1)

Savage MkII hvy brl fltd thrdd 16" (0)

Ruger 10/22 takedown16"threaded (0)

Israeli Weapon Industries:

IWI X95 Black 5.56 (0)

IWI X95 Olive Drab 5.56 (0)

IWI X95 Flat Dark Earth 5.56 (1)


S&W model 66 4" .357 6-shot (1)

S&W model 686 4" .357 6-shot (0)

S&W model 686 4" .357 7-shot (0)

Beretta Handguns: - pictures -

Beretta 92FS 9mm (0)

Beretta 92A1 9mm (0)

Beretta M9 9mm (0)

Sig Sauer classic handguns:

P226 9mm MK25, night sights (0)

P226 9mm, night sights (0)



Glock Handguns: - pictures -

Glock spare parts Gen1~4 in stock!

G34 Gen4 9mm (0)

G17 Gen4 9mm (0)

G17 Gen4 Exclusive Gray frame (0)

G17 Gen4 Exclusive FDE frame (0)

Adv Arms 17/22 Gen4 Conv Kit (1)

G19 Gen4 9mm (0)

G19 Gen4 Exclusive Gray frame (0)

G19 Gen4 Exclusive FDE frame (0)

Adv Arms 19/23 Gen4 Conv Kit (1)

G26 Gen4 9mm (0)

G26 Gen4 Exclusive Gray frame (0)

G26 Gen4 Exclusive FDE frame (0)

G21 Gen4 .45acp (0)

Adv Arms 20/21 Gen4 Conv Kit (1)


Other handguns of interest:

Browning Buckmark Micro .22 (1)

Walther PPQ .22 (0)

Springfield XDM Competition.45 (1)



Policy: No refunds on any firearms once serial numbers are issued to purchaser.

Arrangements can be made to sell firearm(s) without consigment fees for refunds

only upon medical waiver denial in permit process, options only in extreme cases.


Featured Firearms


You can reserve the firearms you want and pay by phone! (+3%)


Arriving Tuesday 05/02

Delton Sport 5.56  Prepay $575

Folding rear sight, lightweight 16" barrel. Ret $680.

Add optic - or not.... 1st, 2nd, 5th rifle or a project!

Arriving Tuesday 05/02

Delton Echo .308  Prepay $875

Aluminum free-float handguard, 16" barrel. Ret $947.

Add rear sight/optic; ready to go! Perfect to build on!


Remington VTR 22" .308  $825

22" barrel, tac bolt knob, full picatinny optic rail [steel], X-Mark Pro trigger, bipod. Retail $930.


Browning Buckmark .22  $625

Buckmark Micro 4" .22, NP3 finish [nickel teflon]

by Robar Coating Technologies, 3 mags. Retail $715

Springfield XD-M .45acp  $775

Competition model .45acp, fiber optic front, adj rear

sights. 3 mags included, blocked to 10rds. Ret $859


S&W M&P2.0 9mm  Prepay $549

[A sample of this firearm is on display in store]

Improved M&P with noticable 'tactile & audible' trigger reset, aggressively textured frame. Ret $599

[These are available immediately; prepaid orders arrive within 1 week]

These come from a distributor in mag capacity that must be reduced to 10rds. Cost to block the 2 mags

issued is included in the price shown. I do not play games of adding on costs to Hawaii consumers atop

any deceptive price found 'lower-than-mine' so be reminded: my prices are truly lower than any other store!


HK P30 9mm Variant 3 DA/SA  Prepay $795

[A sample of this firearm is on display in store]

Want a HK P30? (most frequented & seen in this configuration: conventional

double/single action with decocking tab and manual safety lever) Get it now!

Sale is only on gray frame version. These are $100 off right now so it'd be smart to

take advantage of this price; only possible due to a distributor's sale!  Ret $1,099

[These are available immediately; prepaid orders arrive within 1 week]

These come from a distributor in mag capacity that must be reduced to 10rds. Cost to block the 2 mags

issued is included in the price shown. I do not play games of adding on costs to Hawaii consumers atop

any deceptive price found 'lower-than-mine' so be reminded: my prices are truly lower than any other store!


Advantage Arms Gen4 Glk .22 Conv Kit

complete top end, 1 mag, clean kit   $254

G17/22/34/35, G19/23, G20/21/40/41

Extra mags for conversion kits:  $17each


Kriss Vector 9mm  $1,529

Newest version of Kriss V carbine, uses G17 mags, in distributor exclusive Combat Gray. Retail $1,599


New for 2017 this includes slab-sided fake suppressor, handstop, vertical grip, short throw selector,

much-improved trigger with perceptible trigger reset, non-folding AR-pattern collapsible buttstock.





A $700 AR-15 will shoot the same as a $1,500 AR-15 when proper fundamentals are employed!

It won't matter at all to the attackers how much you paid for the defensive rifle that you call upon.



AR-15s at $700 or less may have non chrome-lined barrels, lower-priced basic furniture and

even integral machined trigger guards on lower receivers; all cost-cutting steps to attract more

potential buyers across the US. Ultimately, the interested public has finally accepted sensibility

of $600-$700 AR-15s. For those who've been immersed in firearms 20 years or so, remember

the snobbish attitude that circulated in the 80s~90s that serious owners should have $1,000+

rifles and that AR-15s were inferior if they didn't have a chrome-lined barrel??   Foolishness!!

If you want to spend X dollars, spend it. If budget is a concern, don't fret over price or image.


Springfield Armory Saint 5.56  $849

Long-awaited, anticipated 'upgraded base model' AR15 by Springfield. They produced a great package!

They actually provide Gen3 (not older Gen2) Pmag 30rd w/ dustcover. Nice touch compared to the norm.

Has: excellent BCM Mod3 grip [vital to modern technique and improved ergonomics of military rifle use],


BCM trigger guard and stock, nickel boron fire control group, solid keymod system midlength handguard,

heavy carbine buffer, melonited 1-in-8" twist barrel, Accu-Tite upper-to-lower fit adjustment.  Retail $899.



Included with rifle is a short overall length hard case with metal latches, generous sized padlock points.


Properly staked lock ring. BCM's grip storage door is extremely secure and cannot be easily dislodged.


Saint's machined aluminum backup rear sight provides a very clear sight picture and will fold flat.


Optional equipment: Pmag 20rd, BCM QD sling mount, BCM 3" rail section. ^Light + QD sling mounted

...purpose-driven; gets the job done - additional accessories are at the right price and cost-efficent!

Pictured with: QD sling mounts, sling, Elzetta Mini CQB light, Holosun 2MOA dot optic (shown here)


Elzetta rail mount Mini CQB 375 lumen weaponlight  $180


Made in USA! Single 123 batt. Wide light coverage via new lens design; not a reflector, retail $215


Supplemental information: Bayonet compatibility

Very nice: due to 9" handguard midlength position of forged front sight tower and bayo lug, a standard

bayonet can be mounted. The majority of 16" barreled carbine length systems will not work like this as

distance from lug to flash hider positon is too long. This proper distance is present on 20" barrel AR-15

or on 14.5" barreled military issue M4 carbines. Not possible on 16" barrels with 7" carbine handguards.



S&W M&P15-22  $425

Standard M&P15-22: includes Magpul front and rear folding sights, ret $449


Includes 1 M-Lok short rail section. Optional quick-detach sling mounts and forend panels available.


Easy trigger upgrade: ALG combat trigger set ($70) + KNS non-rotating pin set ($30)   ^ Shown installed


S&W M&P15-22 Kryptek  Prepay $450

Every rifle will have a unique pattern... Ret $499

- great upgrade on rifles with AR pattern A2 pistol grips: BCM Gunfighter grip -


Savage MKII w/ threaded 16" heavy fluted barrel  Prepay $250

Absolutely the most fun and cost-efficient .22 rimfire bolt action rifle with characteristics no other

.22 bolt rifle offers at a price clearly below $300! Heavy contour , fluted, threaded, short 16" barrel,

big bolt knob, full optic rail, Accutrigger. These MKIIs shoot consistently with various types of .22lr!


Ruger 10/22 Takedown threaded barrel  Prepay $325

Retail $512. Serious deal on a truly fun .22 rifle! (Grab a Magpul X22 Hunter stock for $125!)

This takedown has short 16" threaded barrel w/ thread protector, 10rd mag and carry case.

Shown with optional flash hider; any standard 1/2 x 28 accessory will thread onto this one!



Magpul X22 Hunter stock for Ruger Takedown 10/22s  $125

X22 stock set in Stealth Gray shown installed on stainless Ruger 10/22 takedown,

replacing Ruger factory pink laminate stock set. X22 Takedown stock retail $150.


Magpul X22 for Takedown 10/22 in Stealth Gray           X22 Takedown stocks in Black, Flat Dark Earth


Major advantage in design incorporates M-Lok accessories' mounting system in these X22 stocks

Has versatile spacer system with rubber buttpad, sling mount locations both sides at rear of stock


BSA's Red/Green Optic perfect for .22 rifles  $70


These co-witness with folding sights on M&P15-22s and similarly configured rifles! Ret $90


Searching for answers on never-ending possibilites with AR15 rifles?

The best examples to satisfy quality and budget concerns are at KGS!

[Many samples of the AR15 in numerous configurations are on display in store]

Questions on product applications? What stock-grip-forend combinations can be had,

what accessories are best for purpose intended, which items give best value for $$$?

Solid, best choices for parts and optics; get the straight scoop here, not sales pitches!



IWI Tavor X95 5.56   Prepay $1,849

[A sample of this firearm is on display in store]

Best modern bullpup. Israeli Weapon Industries Tavor X95 5.56 in flat dark earth. Retail $1,999.

Relocated mag release, improved trigger, shorter overall length, integral railed forend w/ panels.


IWI Tavor X95 9mm  Prepay $1,849

[A sample of this firearm is on display in store]

Very nice to get a 9mm version of X95; 9mm ammo much lower cost than .223/5.56. Retail $1,999.


CMMG MK9 9mm  Prepay $1,050

[A sample of this firearm is on display in store]

Smart to secure (other than 5.56 ARs) are CMMG MK9 9mm AR rifles, ret $1,100.

Many more people would buy / trade 9mm lowers, uppers, mags than .308cal ARs.


average cost .223 ammo: 50 cents per round              average cost 9mm ammo: 30 cents per round

Major advantage: 9mm ammo is considerably cheaper to shoot than .223/5.56 ammo.


[ display/demo AR-15s are available to learn about configurations and available components ]


Awesome accessories: Eotech 518

Eotech 518 visual thru front+rear sights: 'lower 1/3'

Image w/ reticle lit, rear sight folded, front sight up.

Lower 1/3 sight indexing allows more area for target

viewing and allows use with taller sight plane rifles.

   [shown below: on IWI X95 Tavor]

Eotech's newest cost-effective model 518: non-NV,

w/ side buttons, throwlever, AA batteries. Ret $539

Accommodates M4 large diameter handguards

Underside detail of 518 factory throwlever base

Prepay $489    Eotech 518 product page


Customization with genuine, worthwhile improvements for rifle is easy right here in the shop!

With Magpul folding rear sight and Midwest drop-in M-Lok carbine handguard on basic rifle:

examples are shown below utilizing 4 different buttstocks; these 4 stocks are just $60 each.

Midwest M-Lok handguard provides versatile mounting options up front + QD sling mounts.

These 4 different buttstock options provide vital non-slip shoulder index + QD sling mounts.

Magpul SL-K w/ M-Lok QD sling mount             Magpul SL (has QD mount moulded in)

 BCM Mod 0 (has QD mount moulded in)          Magpul CTR (has QD mount moulded in)


Options: Surefire G2X in Vltor offset mount, 2 Troy Quick Detach swivels, Blackhawk sling


Stripped lower receivers are smart commodities

Go thru process, secure a bunch now; they can be built into complete rifles later.

Resupply for popular receivers from major distributors continue to be intermittent.

Get several to make your registration trip to HPD efficient!


Some examples of assembled lower receivers

Lowers, components, pieces and parts - endless ideas for AR-15 project builds!


Always the best prices on lower receivers and accessories and support parts-

No one has inventory like this with low prices for a brick-and-mortar storefront!


Stag Arms 2nd Amendment lower [left]


Stag 2nd Amendment inscription [right]


Spikes Crusader lower  [left side]


selector: Pax Pacis - Bellum - Deus Vult

Spikes Crusader lower  [right side]


selector: Peace - War - God Wills It

Spikes PHU Joker stripped lowers


(PipeHittersUnion branded item)

Spikes PHU Joker stripped lowers


includes a challenge coin, detail below


joker challenge coin detail


Spikes Honey Badger lowers


-Spikes website: 8 month backorder-

Spikes Spartan lowers


-Spikes website: 8 month backorder-

Spikes Spider 'Fire - Safe' lowers

$105   Sold Out

Spikes Spider Color Fill

$120   Sold Out

Spikes Punisher lowers


-Spikes website: 8 month backorder-

Spikes Calico Jack lowers


-Spikes website: 8 month backorder-

Spikes Punisher Color Fill


-Spikes website: color fill costs-

color fill Punishers include flag w/ logo!

Spikes Calico Jack Color Fill


-Spikes website: color fill costs-

color fill CalicoJacks include flag w/ logo!

Milspec dim. receiver extension set, Black

tube, end plate, lock ring, buffer, spring:


-these 5 parts also available separately-

heavy buffers also available

Milspec dim. receiver extension set, FDE

tube, end plate, lock ring, buffer, spring:


-these 5 parts also available separately-

heavy buffers also available


ALG Fire Control Group



CMMG LPK without trigger group



DPMS Lower Parts Kit



CMMG Lower Parts Kit



Emergency spare parts, stripped AR lowers, lower parts kits: better than money in the bank!


- link: lower parts kits, stock parts and improved trigger groups -

mil-spec buttstock tubes, buffers, springs, etc in stock to complete your project

barrel nut/delta ring components, forward assist, ejection port door parts in stock


Holosun 2MOA red dot w/ short and tall mount, underside battery  $155  (retail $200)


uses 2032 battery - 50,000 hr batt life - Motion Activated Illumination - lower 1/3 cowitness


Holosun 2MOA red dot optic w/ short and tall mount, side battery  $180  (retail $235)


uses 2032 battery - 50,000 hr batt life - Motion Activated Illumination - lower 1/3 cowitness



Proven scopes for various applications

Simmons 3-9x40 duplex reticle

$60   retail $80

Redfield 3-9x40 with Tac-Moa reticle

$285   retail $365

Redfield Revolution has finger-adjustable turrets,

is covered by Leupold's unconditional warranty.

This has been a reticle that all hoped to see for

many years, finally in a reasonably-priced Redfield.

Burris PEPR mount for flattop ARs $115

Adj throwlevers to lock onto flattop upper

American Defense AR flattop scope mount

Adjustable-width throwlevers;  $185

Burris PEPR mount for flattop ARs $95

Thumbscrews to lock onto flattop upper

PEPR accommodates short front-to-rear length

scopes that may not fit in other fixed ring mounts

Not to worry; scopes with any magnification

above 3X will ghost out front sight tower image

Proper height designed for most flattop mounts

so most folding sights will clear scope eyepiece


Simmons ProTarget 22 3-9x40 w/ Warne ringset  $245  $195 prepay special price

Quality combo for .22lr semiauto rifles such as S&W M&P15-22s for mounting on flattop uppers.

This Simmons scope has side focus knob to allow crisp crosshair reticle usage from 25 yards

and includes ballistic calibrated accessory knobs for fast elevation adjustments utilizing rimfire.


Burris M-Tac 1-4x24 Illuminated Ballistic CQ 5.56  $445  $395 prepay special price

Burris M-Tac 1-4x24 illuminated, 5.56 bdc

Quality, not price point     $445   retail $602

This could be the best value 1-4x power scope

for most distances / situations within 100 yards.

View of M-Tac's illumination dial and turrets

Best control: every half number value is 'off'

Best design decision: reticle stays same size

throughout all magnification settings 1 thru 4.


Burris M-Tac 1-4x24 Illum 5.56+AmDef 30mm throwlever  $635  $565 prepay special price

Burris M-Tac 1-4x shown above mounted on rifle

with American Defense 30mm throwlever mount

M-Tac reticle with red illumination

Reticle is black when power is off



Trijicon Miniature Rifle Optic 2MOA w/ tall mount  $639  $499 prepay special price

Trijicon MRO w/ tall mount: retail $639.

factory flattop lower 1/3 co-witness mount

Uses standard flat 2032 battery, 5 year

battery life at setting 3 stated in manual.

Coin can be used to adjust point-of-impact settings. Power ring is designed very well.


Trijicon Miniature Rifle Optic 2MOA+AmDef throwlever  $699  $549 prepay special price

American Defense spring-loaded throw lever

Throw lever in return-to-zero locked position

Shown on IWI Tavor X95

    Shown on CMMG MK9

Surefire Products are #1 for a reason! 10% off Surefire's retail prices everyday!


Surefire 320 lumen G2X $59.95 shown with Vltor Offset Rail Mount $59.95

Allows the most versatile mounting application anywhere there's a rail section.


Surefire F26 red filters for current G2 series and earlier 6P/9P series Surefire lights $20


Many shooting accessories and cleaning/maintenance items available


Magpul accessories, shotgun ammo carriers, bipods, Ergo and Blue Force accessories


Surefire lights, Boresnakes, cleaning accessories, HKS speedloaders, Blackhawk, Fobus


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