Hawaii State Firearms laws apply for all purchases of firearms and magazines.

All handgun magazines can have a maximum capacity of 10 rounds.

Handguns pictured on these pages are for reference and only a select few will be inventoried

Items not in stock can be ordered and will have a lower price if advance ordered and prepaid

Inventory prioritizes Glock, S&W, HK. No need to overstock; most are shipable immediately.

Discounts are given for prepaid orders; many firearms would be delivered by 2 Day Air!

My focus is on ammunition - yours should be too. Guns are dead weight without ammo!

It's about time consumers understand what costs are in the firearm business and that federal licensed firearm dealers' premises are where one must go to in order to legally purchase/exercise their 'right to own firearms'. No dealers, no future for gun ownership


Info/Pictures Archive 2012 for Magnum Research Desert Eagle handguns

- Revolver Truths and Limitations -


As always, regular testing is conducted with newly acquired models 

of handguns, considered, and then placed into continual classgun use

which is truly a good testbed / longterm proving ground for a handgun

Specialized testing day for various pistols/ammunition    Feb 2018:  Sig P320 and Ruger Security-9


New for 2018: Ruger Security-9 9mm  $325  Sold Out

Security-9 is very tough to find; always out of stock at distributors


Can't beat this Ruger for a reliable, truly budget-friendly defensive pistol! Issued w/ 2 mags. Ret $379



As it should be: extremely simple. Shown above mounted on pistol: Inforce 400 lumen light



Glock Gen5 pistol models 19 & 17


- Link: more pictures of Gen5 pistols -


Information on Glock Gen4 pistols


Gen 4 Glock frames have improved grip over earlier Generations. Factory issued with three magazines,

extra backstraps to customize frame size, reversible magazine release & new recoil spring assembly.


Simple and smart in design, Gen 4 medium and large backstraps easily add onto rear of frame if needed.

Another change found on Gen 4 design is the larger mag release compared to Gen 3 and earlier Glocks.


Gen 4's mag release advertised reversible for left-handers; however, I would not reverse the mag release.

Majority of mags that continue to be in circulation are single-cut for mag catch and reversing mag release

renders all these mags unusable (won't lock in place) unless they're double-cut mag catch type magazines.

Left-handed shooters should continue using proven mag release technique with trigger finger pressing mag

release button as most pistols around the world have mag release buttons biased for right-handed users.


Gen 4 model incorporates a double spring recoil guide rod system (within larger coil is another spring)

Compare with standard recoil spring system shown on right in pictures above. Front of slide and dustcover

reveals different clearance diameter for the front of guide rod system to travel thru when slide is cycling.

Unfortunately, these differences make Gen 1/2/3 incompatible with Gen 4 in emergency swap capabilities.

*February 2012: Below is reference chart for Gen4 new style recoil spring assemblies with part codes.*

Factory extended slide stop/slide release for Glock pistols $14

Standard on the 17L, 24, 34, 35.  Optional for other Glock models.


Extended slide stops available for 9mm/.40cal frames and .45/10mm frames. Simple installation.

Glock spare parts: smart to have, very low cost, super easy to install and maintain!

No other sidearm gives you an easier time with detailed and low cost maintenance!


Glock recoil spring assemblies $10~$24

in stock: Gen1~3  17,19,21,22,23,29,30,34,35

Gen4   17,19,21,22,23,34,35

Glock parts associated w/ firing pin assy

get spare parts now and have peace of mind

firing pins (strikers), springs, spring cups, sleeves

Extractor depressor and it's components,

Pins and firing pin safeties, trigger w/ bar

current Glock Gen4 extractors w/ LCI $22

(loaded chamber indicators)    

Glock trigger spring $3

Glock trigger housing w/ ejector $8

trigger housings differ between models

in stock: 9mm, .40cal and .45acp Gen2,3,4

early series Glock extractors $17

examples shown below:

'15 degree' Gen2~3

'90 degree' Gen1~2



Storm Lake .40cal-to-9mm conversion barrels for Glock, M&P, XD

Shown above: 9mm-chambered Storm Lake stainless barrel for .40cal Glock 23. Barrel hood: "23 9mm"

Here's an often-discussed yet skeptically approached accessory - a conversion barrel from .40cal to 9mm.

I've been the most skeptical for this purchase (due to past years of trying barrels that don't work smoothly

-whether a so-called drop-in 'match barrel' of host gun same caliber or a quick caliber conversion barrel).

July 2011: Testing with Storm Lake conversion barrels have yielded positive results for myself and is

a versatile possibility for consumers. If one has limited budget and sees a need for both .40 and 9mm

calibers, a Glock 22 or 23 .40cal handgun can be purchased with appropriate conversion 9mm barrel

and a few Glock 17 or 19 9mm mags. Even if not on a budget, a spare 9mm barrel and mags set aside

for a .40cal model could be a smart teaching or emergency 'with commonality' kit, and undeniably the

smart addition to having a Glock 22 or 23 .40, along with a dedicated Glock 17 and/or 19 in 9mm...


G23 Storm Lake barrel worked in both Gen3, Gen4 models with their different slide, frame, recoil springs.

Facts: .40cal costs more than 9mm. 9mm is more controllable, available and very effective for defense.

Barrels are $165, drop-in, work with original recoil springs in host .40cal handgun. Get extra 9mm mags.

Remember: be attentive if having switched caliber guns/mags/ammo on firing line or in defense situations!


^ Glock Mod22 shown with 9mm barrel + 2 mags      ^ S&W M&P40 shown with 9mm barrel + 2 mags

- link: organize mags and conversion barrel in magazine storage pouches -


Shown below: some demo handguns / handguns in stock

These are proven, solid choices in their categories - and all

companies successfully in circulation for 10 years or more.

[and, smart criteria: caliber choice + consistent resale value]

Most of these can be ordered and delivered in a few days with a low prepay price!


Glock 43 9mm, prepay $475 (r $580)

standard is black, gray or brown frames available


Glock 26 Gen4 9mm, prepay $545 (r $649)

standard is black, Battlefield Green frame shown


Glock 19 Gen4 9mm, prepay $545 (r $649)

standard is black, shown w/ dark brown frame


Glock 17 Gen4 9mm, prepay $545 (r $649)

standard is black, shown w/ dark brown frame



Glock 35 .40 Gen4, prepay $630 (ret $679)

standard black, shown opt all Gray w/ HiViz sights

Mod Optic Sys G34/35 prepay $740 (ret $840)

MOS variants are red dot optic ready


[A sample of this firearm is on display in store]

Glock 41 .45acp Gen4, prepay $630 (ret $679)

shown w/ optional TruGlo night + fiberoptic sights

Modular Optic Sys G41 prepay $740 (ret $840)

MOS variants are red dot optic ready


[A sample of this firearm is on display in store]

Glock 19 Gen5 9mm, Prepay $570 (r $699)


[A sample of this firearm is on display in store]

Glock 17 Gen5 9mm, Prepay $570 (r $699)


[in stock]

G26 Gen5 9mm, $649 (ret $749)

shown with Glock factory tritium night sights

optional Trijicon night sights shown $112 (r $125)



G34 Gen5 MOS prepay $740 (ret $899)

shown w/ opt Trijicon tritium tall suppressor sights

optional suppressor sights shown $128 (r $145)


[A sample of this firearm is on display in store]

G34 Gen5 MOS prepay $1,435 (ret $1,712)

(w/ opt Trijicon suppr sights, mounting plate, RMR)

Trijicon RM01 shown prepay $550 (ret $650)


[A sample of this firearm is on display in store]

G34 Gen5 Modular Optic System new for 2018

shown w/ optional Trijicon Type 2 RMR mounted

Trijicon RM01 = 3 MOA dot, RM02 = 6 MOA dot



Ruger Security-9 9mm, prepay $310 (r $379)


[in stock]

Sig P320 Cmpct 9mm FDE+nites, $625 (ret $679)



S&W M&P2.0 9mm, prepay $530 (r $599)


 [sample P30 Gray is on display in store]

 HK P30 9mm, prepay $625 (r $719)


[in stock]

HK VP9 9mm, $649 [r $719]

standard sight model, also available in Blk, FDE



HK VP9LE Tritium sites, prepay $715 [r $819]

standard is black, 3 mags, HK FDE frame shown


[Shop sample of this firearm can be requested]

HK USP Tactical 9, prepay $1,275 [r $1,449]

threaded, w/ 3 mags, factory tritium night sights


[Shop sample of this firearm can be requested]

HK Expert 9mm prepay $1,225 [ret $1,399]

[shown: discontinued .45acp Expert] 9mm available


[A sample of this firearm is on display in store]

Sig P226 MK25 9mm, prepay $1,045 [r $1,187]

MK25 models are issued with night sights


[A sample of this firearm is on display in store]

Sig P226 MK25 FDE, prepay $1,095 [r $1,244]

This MK25 has full Flat Dark Earth finish


[A sample of this firearm is on display in store]

Beretta M9 9mm, prepay $600 [ret $675]

front sight integral w/ slide, issued w/ 2 magazines



Beretta 92A1 9mm, prepay $690 [ret $775]

front sight dovetailed to slide, issued w/ 3 magazines



Beretta 92FS 9mm, prepay $629 [ret $699]

2 mags, frame relief cut for improved trigger reach


[Shop sample of this firearm can be requested]

Beretta M9A1 9mm, prepay $690 [ret $775]

2 mags, aggressive checkered frame, integral magwell


[Shop sample of this firearm can be requested]

Kimber Aegis 9mm, prepay $1,265 [ret $1,331]

Shown with optional Simmonich G-10 grips


[Shop sample of this firearm can be requested]

Kimber TLE-9 thrdd, prepay $1,135 [r $1,195]

Shown with optional Simmonich G-10 grips



Smith & Wesson's Victory .22 target pistol

These come with 2 stainless mags and extra top rail

for mounting red dot optics. prepay $379 [r $409]


[one S&W Kryptek demo pistol on sale]

Smith & Wesson's Victory .22 target pistol

in dramatic and factory option Kryptek Camo finish.

Hi-Viz sights are standard issue! $375 [r $459]


[A sample of this firearm is on display in store]

S&W M&P Compact .22, prepay $355 [r $389]


[A sample of this firearm is on display in store]

Ruger LCR .38, prepay $480 [r $579]


[A sample of this firearm is on display in store]

S&W Pro Series 442 .38, prepay $455 [r $499]


[A sample of this firearm is on display in store]

  S&W 66 .357, 4" barrel, prepay $780 [r $849]


Reports and informative articles on recommended handguns

S&W M&P 22 Compact

September 2014:  M&P22 Compact (85% sized version) has been introduced to the firearms market.


The M&P22 Compact puts Smith & Wesson into a decided competition with other 85% sized .22 pistols.

With 85% size pistols: some brands have finicky ammunition requirements, come only with one magazine,

hard-to-find/high priced magazines, have more involved disassembly procedures, or may cost much more.

The M&P22 Compact comes with two magazines, has easy disassembly, proven to be reliable,

has familiar controls and an audible, discernable trigger reset- w/ suggested retail price of $389.



Rock Island Armory 9mm 1911-TacII



Incredible value, awesome price! Fiber optic red front sight, low mount adjustable rear sight,

aggressively textured G10 VZ grips, removable magwell, ambi safety, true 10rd mag. Ret $722

There is nothing on the market that can come close to such value in a 9mm 1911 at this price!


Truly a welcome offering in the vast world of handguns; specifically 9mm model 1911s:

Base model tested above had Novak pattern sights, ambi safety, high ride beavertail.

Test pistol ran flawlessly with all kinds of 9mm right from the start. That's reliability!

Beretta's Model 92 variants: M9 and 92, 92A1


Two current Beretta 92 variants on the market now: M9 (closest to military issue) and railed frame 92A1.

Railed frame on 92A1 is again different from previous GSD and Elite 1A models. Won't fit same holsters.


92A1 has a slight 2mm reduced radius underneath tang of frame, allowing a much easier reach to trigger.

92A1: 3 dot sights. M9: 2 dot sights. Shooting differences by sight configurations are only psychological.


Background: standard model 92.  Foreground: M9 serialization, M9 markings and slide assy numbers.

The dustcover on standard non-railed 92 has a taper toward muzzle and the M9's dustcover is straight.

Beretta's railed M9A1 and railed 92A1 comparisons


Both are railed frame models, same price. [Some differences between the two.] - Beretta pictures -

M9A1 (foreground) has beveled integral magwell.  Front sights: M9A1 is fixed, 92A1 is dovetailed.

Both models share the same type of two-dot rear sight found on the proven standard model 92FS.


M9A1 frame: aggressively checkered front and backstrap. It is vital to have a secure firing grip.

All defensive guns should come with aggressive grip frames that improve controllability!

Revolver Truths

Truth about revolvers and their limitations

What if you're on the ground, below sight / behind low cover, and you cannot risk getting up to a higher

position to manipulate/reload revolvers? Two hands is already tough; what if only one hand was usable?

Semiauto mag-fed handguns far easier to work with in these difficult and uncomfortable situations.

For many with limited time to take serious training opportunities, this is why I strongly recommend

striker-fired semiauto pistols over revolvers. Whatever your preference, get uncomfortable and train.


Common 4" barreled revolver, grounded reload - with use of both hands. Gravity is against us unloading

empty cases and getting a fresh load into the cylinder. Anyone can conduct reloading while being upright.

Even if ejector has full throw on 4" barrel model, horizontal manipulating requirement hampers extraction.

Definitely need to whisk out expanded empties and push in new cartridges, close cylinder, get gun up!


Now deal with reloading task, grounded, using only one hand. Let's say your strong hand is unusable.

Empties won't eject cleanly; gravity won't work for us. Indexing speedloader needs unmoving cylinder.

Stub of hand/arm is best bet to work last empties out of cylinder then secure cylinder for reload task.


Ensuring fresh cartridges stay in cylinder (we're horizontal on the ground, not sitting or standing upright!)

then closing cylinder with stub of strong hand will have revolver ready to fire again. Practiced offhand or

even strong side one-handed lately? Try from lying down, raising head just enough to aim above cover!


S&W Model 442 Pro Series has a distinct advantage: cylinder is cut and designed to accept moon clips.

In this case, all 5 empties will dump positively when (short throw) ejector is punched, and a reload is fast

as 5 new cartridges are indexed and reloaded very easily as they are simultaneously loaded into cylinder.


One handed. What if the strong side right hand - as it is for the majority - is not usable? What can we do?

Use the stub of right to punch ejector, probably need to pluck out moon clip (thankfully it is a moon clip),

get fresh cartridges into cylinder, roll cylinder shut with stub of right hand, get gun up and firing with left!

*I can hear loser comments with misled, self-justified, neophyte and tame range mentality proclaiming*

"Look! he's covering the muzzle with his right hand/body parts we are not wanting to destroy!"

Here's my retort: Hey dummy! It does not matter, you are FIGHTING FOR YOUR LIFE!

Those are the same losers that believe looking perfect in some weaver ideal push-pull stance on an indoor

range creating perfect 5 to 10 shot groups at a mere 3 yards is training and their friends / significant others

should listen to them because they shoot so perfect standing in one spot without discomfort or challenges.

Hey, I started there too. Now it's time for Americans to raise our standards and really learn how to fight.

*Open your eyes to how you can be better prepared and trained, thus being able to share it with others.*

Believe it, less live firing and more force-on-force training with others would be much better time spent

than weekly visits to the range expending unnecessary amounts of ammunition and getting so bored that

'we gotta get that laser' or 'I like try (buy) a different (fourth one yet!) handgun cause it's new!' WTH!?


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