- Straight talk on knives for defense -

- Tools we all should have for (long term) situations -

Featured knife manufacturers in shop inventory:

Benchmade, Cold Steel, CRKT, Kershaw, Spyderco

(prices in bold for knives pictured on this page are everyday discount prices)

Everyday discount percentages off the manufacturer's retail prices:

Benchmade: 15% off retail

Cold Steel, CRKT, Kershaw, Spyderco: 20% off retail

Cold Steel / Kershaw / Schrade machetes: 10% off retail

Everyday low prices consistently week after week, month after month

on proven products I utilize and rely on, not just "another item to sell"


A word on manufacturers and knife production today:

Whichever way one looks at it, with the inevitable facts of rising costs for materials and labor, marketing and competition among US knife companies will always cause production of knives overseas. The imported knives I choose to inventory are incredible in fit and finish and when considering their low prices; they make a sound purchase decision for utility or work blades.

Companies I thought would never 'sell-out' ten+ years ago have since 'sold-out' and sell both

US and imported knives. As seen in everyday products; it's a tough attempt to use only 'US'...


Don't miss out on perfect complement blades for the Sig M17/M18!

Hogue Sig M17 Tanto $150 (Retail $180)





Kershaw-Emerson CQC6, $64 (ret $80)


Kershaw-Emerson CQC Trainer, $40 (ret $50)


Kershaw Debris, $54 (ret $72)



Kershaw Cargo, $54 (ret $72)



Kershaw Shuffle DIY, $35 (ret $44)


Kershaw Airlock, $30 (ret $38)


Kershaw Outlier, $57 (ret $75)




Benchmade Presidio II, $135 (ret $165)




Benchmade Bugout, translucent, $165 (r $195)

[will also include original black grip panels)


Benchmade Bugout, ranger green, $145 (ret $175)



Ganzo Firebird G11 upswept D2, $32


Ganzo Firebird G31 reverse tanto D2, $36


Spyderco Delica plain edge, $95 (ret $126)

Sold Out


Spyderco Endura plain edge, $108 (ret $136)


CRKT  LCK, $48 (ret $60)


CRKT  Pazoda, $32 (ret $40)


CRKT  CEO, black blade, $56 (ret $70)




CRKT  Tueto, $80 (ret $100)




Benchmade Mini SOCP, $90 (ret $110)

Sold Out - restock on extended wait time order from Benchmade

Benchmade SOCP, $100 (ret $125)

Sold Out


Kershaw Deschutes Caper D2 stonewash blade

Kershaw Caper 3.3", $48 (ret $60)



Kershaw Deschutes Skinner D2 stonewash blade

Kershaw Skinner 3.9", $60 (ret $80)




ACCUSHARP sharpeners

$10                                  $11                                  $14


Cold Steel Kobun 5.5"  $52 (ret $65)


Cold Steel SRK Compact 5"  $43 (ret $54)


Cold Steel SRK 6"  $55 (ret $70)


Cold Steel Recon Tanto 7"  $55 (ret $70)


Cold Steel GI Tanto 7"  $32 (ret $40)


Cold Steel throwing knife [overall length 10"]  $11 each  (ret $13)


KaBar Harpoon 4.5"  $110 (ret $138)



KaBar Modified Tanto 8"  $96 (ret $121)



KaBar Fighter 8"  $96 (ret $121)



Morakniv Bushcraft 4" blade  $70  (ret $80)



Cold Steel Bowie Bushman 7" with Sheath and Firestarter!  $20  (ret $25)


Cold Steel Bushman 7" with Sheath and Firestarter!  $20  (ret $25)  Sold Out


Using fire striker and Benchmade's H2O folder to spark into char cloth... tinder bundle and fire is next.

Everyone needs to be adept at this basic method of firestarting without matches or lighters.


Smart preparation for disasters and other emergencies:  shelf-stable foods


Bahco Laplander folding saw  $45


Sawteeth alternate outward from centerline of saw blade with efficient height and bevel angles.


This saw cuts through dry or wet wood and bests other saws in cutting tasks.

CRKT Berserker Axe  $65  (ret $80)         Sold Out        Leather sheath  $20  (ret $25)


CRKT Chogan Hatchet  $48  (ret $60)    Sold Out 

SOG Tomahawk, Cold Steel Kukri Machete (blade painted in very purposeful safety orange),

Spyderco H1 left (black handle) and right (yellow), Benchmade H2O middle (orange handle).

Use your blades! Put 'em to use... that's what we get them for...


Generous size of Cold Steel Kukri helps in powerful batoning method to split wood.

Cold Steel Kukri Machete 13" blade, nylon sheath  $30  ret $35

Cold Steel Latin Machete 'D' Handle 21" blade, nylon sheath  $35  ret $40


Schrade Bolo Machete 11" blade, firesteel and sharpener, nylon sheath  $60  retail $80


Straight talk on defensive knives - important facts that seem to be forgotten

Characteristics to be aware of with cutting tools:  Importance of secure knife grip

Saber (forward) grip is fine... until point encounters

 resistance then fingers slide forward on the blade...

Without prominent flared guard, hammer fist grip

allows sliding onto blade unless thumb caps end.

Handle contour from midsection to guard is vital.

 Handles: textured and longer than hand's width.

Blades do not always have to be coated black!

W/ flared guard, thumb doesn't have to cap handle.

Blade length: at least three inches and not thin.

Sometimes command presence has advantages.

Forward grip thrusts and slashes can be effective,

Above grip can be countered by several methods

 but the edged side up forward grip is devastating.

 but sharp side up attacks are very tough to defeat.

Reverse grip commonly 'sharpened side out' but

While looking flashy, slashes can be overdone but

 hooking / trapping more effective sharp side in.

 hammering 'down, sharp side in' has > power.


Effective defensive application of folding and fixed blade knives

Most commonly utilized and learned saber grip allows effective cuts and jabs to vital target areas.



Saber grip: tricep slash, thigh stab plus twist-cut of quadriceps will disable muscles and motor control.


Reverse grip, sharp side out: will deliver driving cuts and powerful hammers to vital target areas.


Reverse grip, sharp side in: devastating power and has most effective hooking / trapping / cutting ability.


Cutting and blade exit immensely powerful on the pull stroke. Disarms extremely effective sharp side in.


Serious defensive tool - Assegai Spear

Cold Steel Assegai 13" blade w Secure-Ex sheath with 6' American Ash staff  $119  Sold Out


 As a spear, the Assegai is an effective standoff defensive tool. Modify staff length if desired -

Ideal length for interior defense use considering hallways and doors is approx 4.5~4.8 feet.


Defendant capitalizing on the advantage of reach, and using stealth, sound and shadow awareness:

there is no contest in decisive superiority of a 4.5 foot double-edged spear within building interiors.


More thought-provoking images and serious reminders on interior fighting:   Fighting in structures


Firearm muzzle needs to be directed right at the defendant in order to be effective. Edged tools do not.

Blades will cut, puncture, slash and rip in nearly any orientation and with configurations like Assegai,

defendant can thrust, upcut, downcut and backcut at any given opportunity (extremity or appendage).


Supplemental tools to have with you - especially in remote locations

All these tools don't have to be carried everywhere; but each fulfills an important purpose,

making tasks easier for long term conditions (as in 3 days or more) urban, rural or remote.


Cold Steel Kukri Machete

Many machetes out there;

for utilitarian almost-every-

type-of-machete-task, the

concave/convex edged kukri can chop, slice, draw cut and

even whittle along its curves.


Bahco Laplander folding saw

From Sweden, a must-have

in anyone's utility lineup. The folding saw is light, compact

and consumes far less energy than swinging edged impact tools like machetes and axes

when prepping big quantities

of wood for fires or building

shelters. Laplander's sawteeth

design cuts wet or dry wood.


Gransfors Small Forest Axe

Again, proudly from Sweden

is a medium, packable axe that processes wood at base camp so efficiently, you'd have fun! Sure, we wouldn't

carry this everywhere or

scout far distances with

it but again, at a base location

this beats trying to saw wood into halves and quarters, etc

for very efficient fire-making.


Gerber Multitool with Bits

Having needlenose pliers and

a select variety of useful tools

in a folding kit is overlooked

by many individuals. The bit

kit and adaptor really makes

the system complete as far as knife/tool portability can go.

Not just for urban settings, a quality multitool soon proves indispensable around camps

and outdoor functions when

tinkering and repairing needs

often arise. (Murphy's Law!)


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