Items not in stock can be ordered and often have a lower price if advance ordered and prepaid.

There has been no need to overstock as most are shipable from firearm distributors immediately.

My focus is on ammunition - yours should be too. Guns are dead weight without ammo!

It's about time consumers understand what costs are in the firearm business and that federal licensed firearm dealers' premises are where one must go to in order to legally purchase/exercise their 'right to own firearms'. No dealers, no future for gun ownership.

*  *  *  *  *  2/3/22 Pricing and model availability not current *  *  *  *  *


January 2022: there have been price increases since Jan 1, 2022.

This page has not had any corrections to reflect current pricing.



Mossberg 500 12ga 18" barrel, 5 round capacity, matte blue, $435(Ret $500)

Mossberg 500 20ga 18" barrel, 5 round capacity, long forend, $435(Ret $500)

*  *  *  *  *  2/3/22 Pricing and model availability not current *  *  *  *  *


January 2022: there have been price increases since Jan 1, 2022.

This page has not had any corrections to reflect current pricing.


Rem 870 12ga 18" barrel, 7 round capacity, $415(Ret $456)  New type one piece mag tube.

Remington 870 Marinecote 12ga 18" barrel, 7 round capacity, $789.   (Ret $866)

Remington 870 20ga 18" barrel, 7 round capacity, $415(Ret $456)

Remington 870 20ga Jr Compact, 4 round capacity, 12" stock, long forend, $395.   (Ret $429)

Shorter length-of-pull stocks and long forends dramatically increase controllability for more shooters.

Remington 870s trio: 12ga, 20ga, 20ga Jr Compact - showing length of pull and forend lengths.

Shorter length-of-pull stocks and longer forends are important for decisive control of the shotgun.

These companies should just have spacer systems for ALL their 12ga/20ga shotguns' buttstocks

and include short and medium / long forends for the 18" barreled 'common for defense' shotguns.

Info on Saiga 12ga Shotguns

What a basic Saiga looks like. Average retail pricing was around $550~$600 January 2011.

Dealer and retail pricing has risen steadily since then; average retail pricing now $750~$800.

It may not be worthwhile chasing after an overpriced Saiga 12ga only to spend more to 'make it better'.

US legal mfg parts (stock-grip-handguard and internals) are needed and trigger group moved forward.

June 2015: many built-up variants exist; price depends accordingly how they're configured.

Before getting a Saiga-12 and spending $400+ to turn it into 'tacticool' configuration like below,

*  *  *  *  *  READ THESE LINKS *  *  *  *  *

there will always be proposed measures to restrict firearms to law-abiding citizens; here is another:

link:  ATF may push restrictions for semiauto shotguns, be aware of this

Back in 2001: If it resurfaces for Saiga-12s, be warned your 'investment' may not be easily sold afterward.

link:  ATF-ruling-2001-1 pertaining to semiauto shotguns fed by drums


Executive order July 16, 2014 banned importation of Izmash and Saiga products

Dept Treasury Ukraine - related Sanctions 13662 Exec Order list

This started a serious domino effect and can easily lead to more restrictions



All of this was already brought up years ago as a warning on my website, advising potential buyers

to not go too far into Saiga shotguns/rifles and inevitable projects.

Then there's Koko Head limits for shotgun use: no birdshot or buckshot; slug only.

[Koko Head Range info]

Now, original mags and spare parts (many of which were already tough to find) may progress

to scalping prices and when complying with Sec 922 many will realize that

procuring any non-imported, US mfg-required spare parts will prove to be too costly.


Avoid the futile waste of money to customize/spiff up AK rifles and shotguns. Better

to secure important spare parts, mags and ammo instead of buying mounts, optics

and gadgets for these guns that will never shoot, handle or perform like an AR15.

If you don't have spare parts, extra magazines and

a comfortable supply of ammo, the gun is useless.


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