In an editorial of the local Star Advertiser newspaper, amongst their points expressed in anti-gun views, it actually presents an approximate number of firearm owners on Oahu - one fourth of 1.4 million population!

This is exactly what I've been preaching for years:

we do indeed have a serious representation of the populace that can make a difference in gun rights -

if each person joins the Hawaii Rifle Association, submits testimony on legislative issues (

and exemplifies responsible firearm ownership!

All the complaining, procrastination, excuse-giving

to not be involved in actions to improve gun rights -

is all the reasons why we continuously struggle

for even the slightest hope of gaining any ground!



Think of what 350,000 can do when standing up for

the freedoms and rights that so many gun owners believe in and want to maintain in this 50th state.

This representation shares foundational beliefs and responsible gun owner's rights to personal protection and unmolested firearm ownership - so why can't everyone focus on this crucial basis, get involved and

build up others in accelerated firearm knowledge instead of creating divided interests or waste time disagreeing on mundane opinions of guns and gear?


June 27, 2016:  Rap Back signed by Gov. Ige

Dec 5, 2016: Rap Back program has begun

$43.25 fee and additional forms required to complete at HPD for the Rap Back program:

Non-Criminal Justice Applicant's Privacy Rights

FBI Privacy Statement

Notification of Title 28 Code of Federal Regulations 16.34

State and National Criminal History Record Check consent


The final symbol of freedom in America is the right to own firearms.

There are many who will continue to try and take that away.

There are more crucial issues at stake in our country. Pray that work will be done

to truly bring America back on track and build a positive future for everyone.

Rational thinking should include leaders encouraging free Americans be capable of sustaining themselves; NOT to be dependent on government. This includes the obvious fact that calling

for help will not save a civilian at gunpoint or stop a home intruder from conducting evil intent

to a single mother at home with a child. What happens to the career criminal when caught?

Released with the excuse that prisons are full?

Endless multitudes of frightening scenarios exist, and every increment of firearms restrictions

will only fulfill more tragedies brought upon the law-abiding Americans in the United States.


From website FAQs


At present time, there is a resurgence of COVID-l 9 within the City due to large gatherings in uncontrolled environments. To protect the public health and for the long-term benefit of the economy, the City must take measures through this Order, including slowing the reopening process and limiting certain activities and businesses again to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Pursuant to Haw. Rev. Stat. § 127A-25 and the Rules of the Mayor City and County of Honolulu, dated March 20, 2020 (“Mayor’s Rules”) promulgated under that section, each of the orders contained in this Order (“the Orders”) shall have the force and effect of law.


Proposed anti-gun bills have been defeated or positively amended by incredible efforts

from representatives like Har and Ito & everyone's testimonies online or in person -

a triumph for your firearm ownership rights; perfect example of what we can accomplish

Be aware of such bills and be keenly aware of future proposals that may actually get passed in

a moment's notice regardless of your firm beliefs in America's

This is why testimony is needed and why there needs to be thousands of supporters sending in

testimony and delivering it in person at the Legislature when we get hearings. Only 48 hours advance

notice is required when they schedule public hearings - which is during business hours, on weekdays,

and takes several hours which purposely and greatly reduces the number of people who can be there.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

>>   Click here for information on Hawaii Required Handgun Courses   <<

>>  Click here for Koko Head Shooting Range pictures and information  <<

Guns purchased / unclaimed / not arranged for shipment to FFLs in other states after

60 days will be subject to sale or disposition. These guns are subject to storage fees.

Handguns $1/day, Longguns $2/day. Storage fees will apply to any claim for firearms.

Firearms left over 120 days are forfeit, will be sold, and cannot be claimed by anyone.


TAKE NOTE - From Feb 2021:  Regardless of Covid situation -

because of constant delays for applications in permit process

& unavoidable HPD appointment scheduling difficulties,

firearms planned for local pickup will have storage fees.

Majority of these are out-of-state inbound firearms that cannot be stored rent-free

for months with mere FFL transfer fees in this troubled/unknown time in our nation.


If you do not have prerequisites satisfied for handgun permit process,

no reserves of inventory or out-of-state incoming handgun transfers will be done.

If you do not have valid current longgun permit [or at least in-process]

no reserves of inventory or out-of-state incoming longgun transfers will be done.



On any occasion where I am needed to meet with individuals to retrieve firearms

from evidence or help with transfers to other parties: a service fee starts at $100.

Additional time increments over 1 hour waiting at HPD will incur $50 per half hour.



Signs and signs - at gunshops in the Continental US

[ stark reminder that products and services aren't free ]

[ and yes, my pricing is good and fair for a small gunshop ]

^ I don't charge fees shown above that

was at one gunshop I visited in Nevada.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

My FFL usage fee is 6% of dealer cost,

minimum of $25 and maximum of $200

Storage fees accrue on guns left over 60 days

^ Gunshops are not allowed to conduct

NICS checks in Hawaii; HPD does that.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

HI state : $43.25 firearms procedure fee.

My shop has no additional NICS fees.

[ 2016 "Rapback" $43.25 is a one time fee]


*    *    *    *    *    *    *

Handgun Courses for Hawaii's Requirements

LIFE (Lessons In Firearms Education) classes

Non-profit organization affiliated with Hawaii Rifle Association and National Rifle Association.

Instructors are NRA Certified and teach as volunteers for the LIFE class. Average class size: 20.

Cost is $150 per person and includes Hawaii Rifle Association membership, ear protection, all materials,

use of various handguns and the ammunition for life fire session of class. Eye protection is not included.

Pre-payment (check/money order to LIFE) and registration forms required one week before class date.

- click here for link to LIFE classes - download and mail in form with payment to get on class roster.

$25 rescheduling fee, $150 class cost is non-refundable.


Personalized Intro-to-Handgun Class

Handgun classes required for handgun acquisition in the state of Hawaii are available as a two-part class

held regularly on a Saturday afternoon part 1 (classroom) and a Sunday afternoon part 2 (range time).

Reservation and pre-payment required two weeks prior to class. [Maximum of 3 attendees per class.]

Cost: $170 per person. Includes Hawaii Rifle Association membership ($20), Silhouette range fee ($5),

class completion certificate notary fee ($5). Also included: use of eye and ear protection, use of various

handguns and ammunition for live fire of the selected handguns. Handgun mix can be tailored specific

to the attendees' request. Different handgun operating systems and firing characteristics will be learned.


March 2021: results of 1 year of Covid plus election fallout combined with

continuing nationwide depletion of ammunition = difficulty for classes.

Ammunition is so bad in availability since 2020, that costs have soared.



there is not enough ammuntion to present a proper class.

In my intro-to-handgun course, an individual usually fires

minimum of 20rds .22lr, 60rds 9mm, and 20rds .38 special

with allowance to fire more at conclusion of class. Also

there are options for .45acp handguns and ammunition.

Now, there is no way to provide that quantity of ammo per person.


Therefore, unless the person is willing to fire much less quantity

of ammo [cost for class is unchanged], no classes will be offered.


Some handguns available for class shown below:

Smith & Wesson 66 .38/.357 caliber

Smith & Wesson 625 .45 ACP

Taurus TX .22lr

Glock 44 .22lr

Glock 19 Gen5 9mm

Glock 45 Gen5 9mm

Glock 19 Gen5 MOS 9mm w/ Trijicon RMR

Glock 17 Gen4 [Zev] 9mm w/ Trijicon RMR

HK USP Tactical 9mm

Kimber Aegis II 9mm

Kimber TLE II 9mm

Colt Combat Unit 9mm

Kimber Desert Warrior .45acp

Heckler & Koch USP Expert .45acp

Heckler & Koch VP9 9mm

Sig P226 9mm

Beretta M9A1 9mm

Beretta 92GSD 9mm


Koko Head Shooting Complex - Public shooting facilities

** Koko Head Range Schedule **

Wed-Thu-Fri 12-4pm

Sat-Sun 8am-4pm

Honolulu county information FAQs


 Beautiful view from coastline en route to Koko Head. Island of Molokai is visible on the horizon.

Kalanianaole Highway (driving from Hanauma Bay, toward Sea Life Park and Waimanalo)

Entrance to Koko Head Shooting Complex is on left just before curve in the road.

Entrance road into Koko Head Shooting Complex

Archery Range at Koko Head Shooting Complex

Viewed along the grass hill from Silhouette range down toward far end of Pistol range.

Silhouette Firing Line


   Hawaii Metallic Silhouette Shooter's Association Silhouette Range. Range fee is flat rate $5.

Hours of operation:  Saturdays and Sundays 8am-4pm.


Honolulu county information FAQs


Steel targets at 50, 75, and 100 yards. Sign in, listen to range commands, obey range rules.

Maintain common sense when handling firearms. Uncase or case firearms at firing line.

   Be mindful of firearm's muzzle direction. Max 10 rounds per magazine for mag-fed guns.

   No rapid firing, no armor piercing ammo. Clean up before leaving, sweep up spent brass.


Any caliber semiautomatic pistol or revolver and rimfire rifles at this silhouette range.

No centerfire rifles. Example .223 and .308: power/higher velocities will perforate the steel.

Rifle Firing Line

Rifle Range is open Wed, Thur, Fri 12-4pm, Sat & Sun 8-4.

Honolulu county information FAQs



Listen to range commands. During cease fires, stay behind yellow line unless going downrange

to work on targets. Frames and target supplies are to be brought by shooters themselves

with firearms, ammo, eye and ear protection. No range fee for rifle range. Sign in the log book.

Uncase/case firearms at bench, keep muzzles downrange!! Load max 5 rounds per magazine

with mag-fed firearms. No rapid firing, no human silhouette targets, no armor piercing ammo.

Centerfire steel targets ok at 100 yards. Shotgun: no birdshot or buckshot, only slugs allowed.

Target frames can be 1x2s (or 2x2s, edges rounded to fit pipes set in ground), 14 in wide.

Standard pipe locations to set up targets are at 50 and 100 yards.

When leaving, please clean up your firing position and sweep up casings from your area.

Bullseye Pistol Firing Line

Bullseye Pistol range is open Wed, Thur, Fri 12-4pm, Sat & Sun 8-4.

Honolulu county information FAQs


Listen to range commands; load max 5 rounds per mag, remember Hawaii State Laws

(handgun magazine 10 round capacity), and no horseplay or rapid firing. Target frames

are brought by shooter; typical construction is 1x3 wood, 24" wide and at least 5 feet high.

Frames go into steel brackets at 25 or 50 yards; protective berms shield bracket supports.

Remember Hawaii State Laws have limit of 10rd capacity for handgun magzines.

Range requirements: load only 5 rounds per mag and no rapid firing.


Clean up your firing area and sweep up cartridge casings from your area before leaving.

Skeet Range


Skeet Range is open Saturdays and Sundays, bring your own shotguns and ammunition.

There is a per-round fee with discounts for members of Koko Head Skeet Club.

Honolulu county information FAQs

Relaxing and fun shooting sport. Good company and finely crafted shotguns get you hooked!

Shooting Clubs and weekend club/organization event locations

Lessons In Firearms Education, Mid-Pacific Pistol League, Single Action Shooting Society, Skeet

Honolulu county information FAQs

Mid-Pacific Pistol League


When line is called hot and shooters are set to go, the buzzer sounds and the firing begins . . .

Shot timers (held by range officers) record time of each shot to end of each competitor's stage.

MPPL matches are based on the IPSC format (International Practical Shooting Confederation).

Shotgun and carbine side matches may also be part of the shooting game.


Duty rigs or race rigs - limited or unlimited category has its own competition classification.


Orange netting: 'walls' or barriers, black tape denotes hard cover,

bullet hits in the taped area don't count for score.

 Steel 'poppers' are on right edge in picture on right.

If the stage calls for those, they must be knocked over.


When the line is called cold, participants go forward and reset steel targets,

score and tape cardboard targets. Time is recorded, 2 best hits are scored

for each cardboard target; steel hits count only when knocked down.


White cardboard targets denote 'no shoots'. Challenging steel targets include a

five-circle gravity swinger requiring all five steel plates to be knocked off,

but as each is hit, weight of remaining circle plates cause contraption to

swivel around faster in both directions, making it tougher to hit the last one!

MPPL has approximately three matches per month, depending on range scheduling.

More information as well as updated schedules are found at:

Honolulu county information FAQs


LIFE/HRA Fun Shoot events at Koko Head Shooting Complex




Click here for more info on the LIFE/HRA Fun Shoot events!

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